From Barbaresco to Barolo, a large ring track through Langhe Langhe are welcoming and mysterious hills. Millions of yearsago there was the sea here; then, the hills surfaced slowly and silently, drawing a unique landscape. Marl, sandstone and clay - facing South and protected by Alps, they are the key ingredient of the renowned Piedmont wines. Walking throughout this land is exciting!

A land offering unrivalled masterpieces such as Barbaresco and Barolo. From here, High Langhe are close at hand - the perfect place to taste Piedmont PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) hazelnut and Murazzano PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese.

Starting from Alba, Langhe "capital", the trail heads to Barbaresco and Treiso to taste the renowned wine, then to Benevello, the "round gentle" hazelnut village of origin, to reach Niella, the village atop High Langhe. Here local DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese tasting immersed in Medieval villages and ancient stone towers is well worth visiting. The itinerary ends surrounded by Barolo Langhe crus, where each tiny village has its own castle and cellars, undoubtedly worth discovering.

Day 1: From Alba, Langhe capital, to Treiso atop the highest Barbaresco hills

Day 2: From Treiso to Benevello in the Piedmont IGP (Protected Geographic Indication) hazelnut production area

Day 3: From Benevello to Niella Belbo atop High Langa

Day 4: From Niella Belbo to Roddino at the boundaries of wine landscapes, which have been awarded Unesco World Heritage status

Day 5: From Roddino to Barolo at the heart of Barolo hills

Day 6: From Barolo to Roddi through Truffle hunters' woods


Price per person from 10 participants: 860

Included: B/B in Hotel and Charming country house, Dinner in local restaurant, Trekking guide, visit and tasting, Insurance and organization

Technical Details

Duration5 days Walking Time4 /5 h per Day Distance12 /15 Km per Day Drop380 - 510 mt. per Day UserIndividuals and Groups TypeTrekking and MTB