A Vespa or a vintage car riding tour starts from Benevello or from Bossolasco, and, along the ancient traffic-safe and panoramic salt merchant tracks, gives the chance to drive safely and to stop off in the surrounding small villages, taking time to visit tham and taste an artisan ice-cream or a glass of wine.

The road book includes a stop-off every 15/20 minutes - at a company processing hazelnuts, one producing cheese, and an artisan patisserie. And Mombarcaro, the highest Langhe peak, will be reached, looking out at the shimmering sea in summer!

Price with Vespa rental

Price per person from 10 participants: 165

Included: Vespa rental, Guide, visit and wine tasting in a cellar, Insurance and organization

Technical Details

Duration1 day Distance30 - 40 Km Stops3 Visits and tastings means of transportVespa / Fiat 500/ Vintage Car UserIndividuals and Groups