About Us

We are a historic tour operator from Piedmont. Deeply in love with our region, we are eager to make it known to whom is looking for new tourist destinations and to promote and bring it under a new light because" Piedmont is well worth visiting several times.

Our target - organised travel groups, i.e. tour operators and travel agencies, company recreation groups, associations, and Italian and foreign companies.

VIC is headquartered in Alba, at the heart of Langhe - a land of unrivalled wines such as Barolo DOCG and exceptional precious local products like Alba white truffle.

We love proposing top quality travels in Piedmont intended for both adults and students. Far from standardised and conventional proposals, we are proud of offering unmatched tailor-made travel experiences. We are specialists in "building" unique and unforgettable dynamic travel routes, hand crafted on our customers, in close relationship with local landscape and characters from Piedmont territory.

Pioneers of tourism in Piedmont, with a deep knowledge of our region, we have experienced these unmatched places. We are at home and we are willing to disclose the essence of our territory, together with Langhe landscapes, products and characters, as well as the most charming corners of our beloved Turin, and the surrounding Alps valleys spotted by unrivalled trekking routes.

Wine and food world are our life - we live in one of the world's most renowned places, whose food quality and variety is unmatched. We are eager to introduce the greatest Italian wine producers, unveiling the secrets of local wineries, and to accompany our guests to meet starred chefs and gourmet professionals.

We are a dynamic, involving, professional certified team made of experts: we can count on our technical director, and tourist guides, tour leaders, nature guides, cycle tourist guides, sommeliers, judges of truffle sensory analysis, educational entertainers, and much more" expertise and professionalism to service Piedmont incoming tourism!

Irene Sandri

Irene Sandri


Our mission is to plan travels in Piedmont and let them become unforgettable emotions. Friendship, familiarity, warmth, wellness, quality - a few hints to describe our passion. On one side, Langhe, a land made of human-scale places, where the love for ancient traditions and culture is deeply rooted. On the other side, Turin, the expression of an urban identity whose dimension gives the chance of planning involving and unique initiatives and experiences.

Our mission is to plan teambuilding and incentive travels tailor made on company requirements for unusual programs.

Trekking, bike tours, Vespa tours, vintage cars, golf and outdoor activities to be enjoyed on an unrivalled breathtaking background - the landscape made of vineyard hills awarded Unesco World Heritage status, centuries-aged forests, Alpine valleys at the foot of Monviso, historical buildings and castles to step into the history of Italy, both in summer and in winter.

Our History

V.I.C. - the acronym for Very Important Customers Tour Operator - has been operating in Alba, Piedmont, since 1999. Alba is at the heart of Langhe - a land of unrivalled wines such as Barolo DOCG and exceptional precious local products such as Alba white truffle. In 1992 a group of students met in Barolo to talk about tourism in Piedmont for the very first time. Among them, there was Irene Sandri, current VIC Technical Director. Since the tourist guide licence accreditation, the team has grown and contributed to develop this sector, which today is essential for Piedmont economy. Our perseverance turned our passion into the job of our life!

V.I.C. tour operator was established in 1999. Since then, we, as a tour operator supported by great passion and built on a long-time experience, make ideas turn into unique travels, both for adults and children. We offer travels as well as interactive and sensory experiences, such as tasting of local wines and traditional products in accordance with the highest professional and quality standards, besides truffle hunts, trekking, cooking lessons, and creative team building experiences. We have been the first to unveil trifolaos' shyness (trifolaos is the local name for the truffle hunters) and ask them to accompany visitors in unveiling the secrets of truffle hunts. In 2003 we have organized the first "Volo al Barolo" (Barolo Flight) - a weekly flight from Rome to Cuneo to discover and taste the renowned Barolo wine.

Since 2006 Piedmont has been in the spotlight of unrivalled events, such as Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games, Alpine troops meeting in Cuneo in 2008, Turin Holy Shroud on display in 2010 and and 2015, Turin 150th anniversary in 2011.