Truffle trekking in La Morra starts from the highest Nebbiolo vineyard - from which Barolo wine is produced. The trail immerse into one of the last surviving woods of the area, mostly dedicated to vine cultivation and wine production. Firstly, the trail meets vineyards and hills, then a wilder nature, uncontaminated by human intervention, a spot rich in soil, mushroom, musk scents, accompanied by the goudron flavour, the same emerging in the most precious Barolo wine.

Along the pathway, a special encounter - trifolao - the truffle hunter - accompanied by his tabuj - the dog specially trained for truffle hunting, which will enchant participants with its cunning and energy. Participants will be accompanied to hunt truffles - the black Tuber Melanosporum and Tuber Albidum, and the white autumn Tuber Magnatum Pico.

At the truffle hunt end, a deserved rest at a cellar to enjoy wine, charcuterie product, cheese, and - why not? - truffle shaves tasting!


Program 3 hours - Price per person from 10 participants: 85.

Program 5 hours - Price per person from 10 participants: 109.

Included:Trekking guide, truffle hunt, visit and wine tasting in a typical cellar, Insurance and organization

Technical Details

Duration1 day Walking Time2 h Distance5 Km Droptotal 220 mt. UserIndividuals and Groups TypeTrekking and MTB