The "At Donkey Pace" trail starts from Paroldo, the land where Roberta has chosen to live accompanied by her good and gentle furry friends. The ring pathway surrounding Paroldo ascends along sandstone paths, enters oak, chestnut, and beech woods, crosses fields that are red with poppies in spring.

Donkeys walk slowly and we have to take care of them: participants will enjoy stops, feeding the donkeys, slowing the pace, and immersing into nature and its silence. A touching life experience - an unforgettable ring to "wear", forever.


Price per person from 10 participants: 50.

Included: Trekking guide with donkeys, visit to a cheese maker and tasting, Insurance and organization

Technical Details

Duration1 day Walking Time4 h Distance12 Km Droptotal 580 mt. UserIndividuals and Groups TypeTrekking and MTB