The Vespa or vintage car tour starts from La Morra, the so-called "Langhe terrace", to reach Tanaro river left bank " this means travelling from Langhe to Roero, nearby lands which are as near are different one another. Langhe is made of calcareous marl, Roero is made of sand, from which the ancient seabed appear, rich in shells and fossils.

Along panoramic roads among vineyards and orchards, the trail steeps along narrow pathways crossing the renowned "Rocks" - an impressive unrivalled spectacle of nature - to enjoy the romantic castles in Guarene, Magliano and Govone. A stop-off in Vezza d'Alba to visit the cultivated truffle wood, then in Santo Stefano Roero to taste local honey and finally a visit to a cellar to taste Roero and Roero Arneis DOCG wines.

Price with Vespa rental

Price per person from 10 participants: 165

Included: Vespa rental, Guide, visit and wine tasting in a cellar, RC Insurance and organization

Technical Details

Duration1 day Distance30 - 40 Km Visits3 visits and tastings Means of transportVespa / Fiat 500/ Vintage car UserIndividuals and Groups