Day 1: Along the Romantic Road from Roero to Barbaresco

A bike ride starting from Vezza d'Alba, at the heart of Roero, to reach Moscato lands between Treiso and Alba, in S. Rocco Seno d'Elvio hamlet. The trail winds its way along Strada Romantica delle Langhe (Langhe Romantic Road) - a pathway made of traffic-safe roads and mostly panoramic tracks that cross small villages such as Magliano Alfieri, Neive and Treiso by bordering vineyards, hazel nut trees, orchards, and woods.
30 Km

Day 2: Along the Romantic Road from Barbaresco to the hazenut

The bike trail starts pointing to High Langa hills from San Rocco, heading to Benevello to let participants stop off in Trezzo Tinella to taste Langhe round gentle hazelnut at a local organic producer. Back on the track, the bikers ride along one of the most panoramic roads in Langhe, to enjoy a nice relaxing plain road in San Bovo di Castino, which, bordered by brooms and maritime pines, leads participants to the italian writer Beppe Fenoglio's places. The tour ends in Benevello.
Km 47

Day 3: Cheese pathways

This bike ride heads to Low Langa hills, along the ancient road of salt, cheese, anchovy, and wine merchants. Stone villages " like Murazzano - and red brick ones - like Dogliani - are there to welcome visitors along their silent narrow lanes surmounted by Medieval arcs and surrounded by noble houses and ancient frescoes that are worth being unveiled. Small museums, talking about the ancient Roman origins of these lands, together with peasant stories and important personalities, such as Luigi Einaudi, the first President of the Italian republic.

A stop-off at a Dolcetto di Dogliani wine producer - the wine today awarded the designation of "Dogliani DOCG (Guaranteed Controlled Designation of Origin)", to taste how wine is divinely combined with bread and salami. The trail goes further, toward Monforte d'Alba higher hills, to enjoy an unforgettable sunset behind Monviso, from the village top site.
Km 51

Technical Details

Duration3 days Riding time1st Day 3 H
2nd Day 5 H
3rd Day 5 H
Total Distance130 Km
1st Day 32 Km.
2nd Day 47 Km.
3rd Day 51 Km.
UserGroups TypeBike, MTB, E-Bike