Goal: The Most Beautiful Truffle teambuilding proposal is a great occasion to live a unique experience in touch with nature and animals, the aim being to develop orienteering capability, management of changes or unexpected events, and reaction to face out victories and/or "defeats".

Team work: divided into teams, participants will have to solve truffle themed riddles - the earlier the riddle is solved the earlier the "grey diamond" hunt starts. Teams are guided by a trifolao - the truffle hunter - accompanied by his tabuj - the dog specially trained for truffle hunting " and participants shall demonstrate be patience enough to find out several good truffles" Once the truffle hunt ends, teams will have the chance to speed their scores at sensory analysis games and blind tasting activities. If the hunted truffle looked nice but has not proved to be precious, do not get hungry - nature makes its best.

Duration 4 hours: lunch or truffle product tasting included

Duration 7 hours: trekking truffle hunt, tasting lunch and wine toast at the cellar included

No. of participants: 5 to 60 persons

Bianco d'Alba truffles: these are the rarest, most unique and sought-after treasures of all. The white Alba truffle flourishes in the wilds around the Langhe and Monferrato Region, and is especially abundant in its oak woods. It is also found along the banks of the river or in ditches next to willows or poplars. Truffles are tuber-shaped fungi that grow underground. They have a high water content and are rich in minerals absorbed from the roots of the tree they live off. The white Alba truffle is one of wonders of nature: it can be found in a myriad of shades from white streaked with pinkish veins to greyish brown. Its characteristic fragrance, colour and flavour comes from the goodness it absorbs from the earth. There are many ways of savouring the so called "trifula" but without a doubt the best is with the yolk of an egg. Other combination is with tajarin pasta in butter and sage, with raw meat "all'albese" or with a porcino muschroom salad.